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Our Programs

• Annual Banquet: MAMA Seattle hosts an Annual Banquet each year to honor its members, and to present MAMA Seattle's Betty Binns Fletcher Leadership and Justice Award to an individual who has paved the way to success for and has served as an inspiration to other mother attorneys striving to excel in their legal careers while balancing family life and motherhood. Past recipients include Judge Barbara Rothstein (2008), the Honorable Debra L. Stephens (2009), Connie Collingsworth (2010), the Honorable Betty Binns Fletcher (2011), the Honorable Jenny Durkan (2012), the Honorable Marshal Pechman (2013), Former Governor Christine Gregoire (2014), and Chief Justice Barbara Madsen (2015). For more information, pictures, and videos of the speeches of past Leadership and Justice Award honorees, see our Annual Banquet page on this website. For questions about our annual event or sponsorship for the event, e-mail .

• Continuing Legal Education: MAMA Seattle is pleased to host occasional Continuing Legal Education (CLE) sessions throughout the year, on a wide range of topics of interest to our members. We are particularly interested in providing opportunities for MAMA members to hone their presentation skills, share their knowledge, and promote their practices in a positive, encouraging environment. We encourage members who would like to suggest a topic or to present on a topic to contact the CLE Committee chairs. Our CLE sessions are a great way to obtain credits at minimal expense (often, free!), and because the programs are generally available by live webcast, members can participate online from remote locations (including a kitchen/home office). Of course, the opportunity to network with other MAMA members is one great advantage of joining us in person if you can. Information about upcoming CLE sessions will be listed on our News & Event page as each CLE is scheduled.

• Ladder Down: Ladder Down is a national program for women attorneys at all levels of practice to hone their leadership and business development skills. MAMA Seattle provides priority access to this year-long program for MAMA Seattle members, which features a series of monthly workshops lead by nationally recognized career coaches to specialize in assisting women attorneys build a book of business, or rise through corporate counsel ranks. For more information, e-mail .

• Discussion Forum: MAMA Seattle runs an active online forum through its Member365 group. MAMA Seattle members are able to share professional and motherhood related news and questions, job announcements, event information, and referrals. The forum also provides an active networking base for day-to-day professional items, connecting each MAMA Seattle members to an immediate MAMA Seattle community through a simple e-mail. MAMA Seattle's forum is an automatic benefit of membership. For more information about membership, see the Membership page on this website.

• Lunch Seminars: MAMA Seattle hosts Lunch Seminars each month. Each session features panel discussions or presentations on various topics of particular interest to lawyer moms. Lunch seminars include such topics as:

We also have occasional no-agenda socials. Check the News & Events page for details on upcoming lunch seminars. For more information, e-mail .

• MAMA Baby Gifts: If you or a MAMA Seattle colleague has a new addition in your family, please let us know! MAMA Seattle would like to welcome your new arrival with a special MAMA Seattle baby gift … you don't want to miss out! (And then send us a cute picture of your baby with your gift, and we'll post if on our MAMA Seattle Facebook page if you want!) E-mail your news to , and please be sure to include your mailing address.

• Mentoring: A central component of MAMA Seattle's mission is mentoring, and MAMA Seattle's specific mentoring program is a core part of that mission. The purpose of the program is to pair a law-student mother or first-time mother who is already in practice with an attorney-mother who can provide advice and encouragement as mentees navigate being both a mother and an attorney. The program allows new attorney mothers (either a law student or a practicing attorney) to problem solve and talk about the personal and professional issues they face with an experienced mother attorney. This personal connection to another mother attorney provides a supportive place to ask questions and learn how others successfully manage family and work responsibilities in the legal world. For more information, e-mail .

• Networking Events: Once a month, MAMA Seattle hosts a weekend networking event that members can attend with their children. Admission is free for members and snacks/beverages are provided thanks to our sponsors. Networking events include events at KidsQuest, seasonal activities for special holidays, concerts, AquaSox games, and other activities geared for kids and family. These networking events are a great opportunity to meet other MAMA Seattle members, connect both professionally and as families, and have a fun outing with your kids. For more information, e-mail .

• Networking Groups: MAMA Seattle has both hosted and supported Lean In Circles and Networking Circles for MAMA Seattle members. Through these more targeted networking opportunities, MAMA Seattle members are able to meet with other MAMA members (as well as King County Washington Women lawyers) on a monthly basis, to build referral networks as well as professional connections. Information about upcoming enrollment for new networking groups will be listed on our News & Event page as it becomes available.

• Summer Event: During the summer, MAMA Seattle hosts a summer picnic at a Seattle park with great food, music, and fun events for the kids. There are activities for kids of all ages, which in the past have included such things as a magician, bunny petting, face painting, and games. Besides being a super fun event for our MAMA Seattle kids, this event is always a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow MAMA Seattle friends and make new connections. For more information, e-mail .

• Social Media: Are you a social media user? Then join MAMA Seattle there too! You can find our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter buttons at the top of this page. The MAMA Seattle LinkedIn group (closed group, click on the group to be added) creates a good space for sharing articles and professional insights that come our way, in addition to having easy access to MAMA Seattle event information in your LinkedIn feed. The MAMA Seattle Facebook group (also a closed group, click to be added) offers a social spot for our group where we can post more pictures and provide scrolling updates of MAMA Seattle events on your Facebook newsfeed. And, follow our Twitter handle @MAMA_Seattle for event updates, reminders, and news on your Twitter feed. For more information, e-mail .